What is this?

Git History Editor is a simple tool intended to help you edit your git history. Just import the result of your git log to get started.
You'll be able to edit author names and emails, commit messages, and even the time and date of your commits.

Why ?

There are multiple reasons why you'd want to edit your commits:

  • If you committed with the wrong name or email
  • I you want to edit your old and crappy commit messages
  • To make people think that you work / don't work at a specific time of the day

How ?

To import your commit history, execute the following command in your project directory, then paste the result below.
Just want to give it a try? No problem, click here to load sample data

content_copy Copy
git log -100 --pretty=format:"%H*#%an*#%ae*#%at*#%s" | base64 | tr -d "\n"

Warning: When changing the information of past commits, your are effectively rewriting commit history.

This is nothing to take lightly: you will create new commit objects in this process, which can become a serious problem for your collaborators, because they might have already based new work on some of the original commits.
Therefore, you might not want to use this tool on commits already pushed, unless you work alone on the project.

If you're sure about what you're doing, you can overwrite pushed commits using git push --force.